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       Cankaya Music is the place where you can find many different kinds of handcrafted instruments such as oud, kanun, lavta, baglama, guitar, historical instruments and the others.Manufacturing of these musical instruments is being done by Retired Colonel Saadettin Sandi and Architect Bahadir Sandi.The motto of Cankaya Music where all of these instruments are being manufactured is '' Best Sound and Best Craftmanship''.
      The foundation of our company where was formally established in 1994, is based on 50 years. About 50 years ago the founder of our company, Saadettin Sandi began to make ouds in a small room of his house. By the years, he made the quality of his instruments accepted among all Turkey, and focused on offering different kinds of instruments with same quality.

Our Stores
We have totally 3 branch stores in Ankara, Antalya and İstanbul.
Electro Oud
Elektro Ud
Elektro Ud
Elektro Ud
Elektro Ud
Elektro Ud

Electro Oud (0606345156398)

Brand : SANDI
Price : ₺5.500,00
Vat included : ₺5.500,00
₺1.100,00 With install ments starting from

Electro Acoustic Oud Manufactured by Saadettin Sandi & Bahadir Sandi

Body: Mahogany

Soundboard: Spruce

Pegs: Machine Head

Fingerboard: Ebony

Magnetic: Artec